Juna Brookes Counsellor & Therapist in Horsforth, Leeds

I have recently been suffering from chronic back pain which was completely debilitating. I had visited the chiropractor and my local GP and was taking strong medication but could barely move, it was really getting me down. I made contact with Tree of Life Counselling as I had heard Juna was able to help with pain through hypnosis. I had nothing to lose and was desperate to be free of pain so was willing to give it a go.
Juna was very attentive to my issue and explained clearly how she could help, I immediately felt at ease as Juna was very caring so I agreed to take the plunge.

Literally, instantly my pain was rapidly reduced and I have been able to move and walk better than I have done in weeks - I have felt so much better. I will be recommending your services to anyone who needs support with pain. I feel like a totally different person. Amazing service!

I cannot thank you enough.

The hypnotherapy is amazing, I was very sceptical about whether it could work but it really did, can’t believe I haven’t tried it sooner and Juna was brilliant, couldn’t recommend enough!

I have had a number of sessions with Juna over the last few months to deal primarily with anxiety over friendships. It was big step to start to address this in my early 40’s, but Juna was excellent at listening and understanding the impact this was having on me. She spent time listening and advising, and very importantly working on positive attitude and recognising that I need to believe in myself more. The sessions have become a sanctuary in my week. I recommend taking the step to see Juna if you have any unresolved anxiety issues. She has multiple tools and strategies to improve daily life.

I began sessions with Juna to deal with the emotions, anxiety and stress of fertility treatment. In the end we got a very unexpected natural pregnancy and Juna's friendly and straightforward advice on dealing with anxiety symptoms really helped me through early pregnancy. Would highly recommend.

I was referred to Juna from my place of work and me been a man thought this is rubbish and won't work for me well let me tell you I was wrong as I saw Juna on four occasions and on the second visit something just clicked in to place with how she explained things and put everything in the right prospective and made me think of things differently thank you Juna I have suffered for 4 years with things and know I feel so much happier and have managed to return to work once again thank you so much .

It has been such a joy and a blessing meeting Juna. She gave me hope when i was broken by grief, anxiety and near burnout. Juna helped me to reflect on my personal challenges with close care, attention and skill. Juna's exceptionally good listening and interpersonal skills has enabled me to feel much stronger and happier than i have in a long time. Juna is a true professional that i would highly recommend. Thank you Juna for helping me to help myself.

Juna shone a light in my dark, dark tunnel of Depression, Anxiety & Grief. Our sessions helped me face my fears, deal with my Anxiety & face up to my Grief after losing my Mother. She used different techniques & approaches to show me how to deal with my feelings & put me back in control of my life. The hypnotherapy sessions were particularly useful & learnt me how to take a calm approach & mindset to take control of my feelings & use them positively. Juna you brought a breath of fresh air into my life & made me smile again. You have a remarkable gift that you share with your clients. Thank you.

I have recently been widowed and have been having telephone sessions with Juna for 9 weeks. Juna has helped me to accept the "new me" as I was struggling with how I have been dealing with life and those who knew the "old me" since I lost my partner. I was also struggling with not knowing who I was anymore and essentially not liking myself.
Juna is very easy to talk too, very calming and generally very pleasant, which after a previous failed attempt at counselling is a very good trait. She has provided me with some good coping mechanisms for when I am feeling stressed that I am able to apply wherever I am, which have helped on numerous occasions. I would highly recommend Juna to others and am very grateful for all she has done to help me through this very difficult time.

I have recently lost a very close friend unexpectedly and my telephone sessions with Juna have really helped me to make sense of what has been a very difficult and intense time of my life. Thank you for listening and for helping me to accept my bereavement. It's been great to learn new perspectives, and, most importantly, you helped to realise that one of hardest periods of my life could make me a stronger person. Thank you for that

Juna has set me back on my path. I was lost in grief and anxiety. Juna helped me through the process of gaining control of my emotions and approaching life differently. Although our sessions were over the telephone I have gained so much from just 6 sessions with her. Her adaptable approach and caring nature exude a confidence that I found empowering. Thank you Juna. Warmest regards, Liz.

I can't recommend Juna enough. Thanks to her support, my mental health & emotional state have improved in a way I would have never thought possible before. I'm grateful for all the effort she put into our sessions (I know I can be quite challenging at times, Juna!), especially for the Rewind Technique, which helped enormously in dealing with my past traumas. For the first time in years, I have finally started to feel some actual relief.

Juna really helped my teenage son work through a few issues giving him valuable tools to enable him to think through life's problems in a different way. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tree of Life Counselling if you think you may need a bit of help when finding life difficult.

Juna's counselling has given me a different perspective on the issues that have been troubling me by giving me access to a range of therapeutic tools, many of which will help in the future as well. Her warmth and compassion helped the telephone sessions feel as good as seeing her in person and I feel much better as a result. Thank you .

Going through such a difficult time of great loss having recently lost my dad, my world. Juna has been a valuable part of my life providing interactive counselling sessions in such a relaxing environment. In just 5 sessions the big black clouds are starting to lift so am intrigued as to what else she has up her sleeve to help me through my bereavement and other issues.

"I had taken an overdose in Feb this year but had managed to get back functioning in my daily life again. I thought, at this time, that all was well and I had recovered from the ordeal.
However, this proved not to be the case and my mental health began deteriorating again around July of this year. I continued to work but my behaviour was becoming more erratic daily. I was abusive to staff at work and was acting in a most unprofessional manner. I was simply turning up , struggling and going home. This cumulated in me assaulting a taxi driver in early August, at that point I reached rock bottom and had a massive crisis at home a few days after this event. The police were called again and had to disarm me of a large kitchen knife that I was holding. I had made some superficial marks on my arm but that's all. At that point, I didn't know where my life was going or whether I could actually deal with it continuing at all.
At this point, I was referred to Hawthorn House inpatient unit for a period of 4 weeks during this time I began my counselling with Juna.
I cant actually recall my first session! I believe I was in a sort of state of shock. I couldn't deal with my work life, my home life or the fact my father had died 6 months previously. I still have my mum alive but as she had advanced dementia, alive, is maybe not the correct word for her. I have always had a troubled relationship with my mum and the guilt of struggling to reconcile my feelings for her was also hard for me to deal with.
Over the next weeks, we discussed all these relationships and I have found the counselling sessions to be a lifeline back to my old self again. I look forward to them and I don't know where I would have been without them. My life could have gone one of 3 ways...prison, more permanent inpatient treatment or death. I genuinely believe that and so do my closest family.
As it is I have recently returned to work! I still have issues that I need to work on but I have some coping strategies now that I didn't have previously.
Last night I had an argument with someone at home and instead of lashing out or screaming and shouting I simply went to bed with my book and read. That would never have been the case before.
Juna has been patient and thorough , has taught me some different ways of thinking and feeling about things. They are still not my first default way of thinking but I remember them all and take the time to think how I should be reacting. Or simply just taking the time to think. That's the most important thing.
These counselling sessions have literally saved my life and that is no exaggeration.
Thank you for listening"


‘’You are a life saver!’’ Juna and I had 20 sessions together. I came to counselling in a very bad place after a year of the loss of my daughter. We have been through so many things and emotions together. I had experienced the suicidal thoughts and was lost in a grief. Our counselling sessions enabled me to look differently at the situation and brought me back to life. I know I will always grieve for my daughter but with help of Juna, I look at it from the different angle with a different pair of eyes and with the lighter heart. I am now being able to re-establish a new relationship with the child I lost and this connection is so important to me.’’
D (41)

‘’Firstly I would like to say how nice it has been receiving understanding and feeling that you have gone the extra mile with your support and help, assisting me with problems in my life and trying to find the relevant solution to these, also the way that Juna have allowed the sessions to flow in the way that I require has also helped. I would say the style of therapy that allows feelings to develop as and when they occur while the questions are being asked is a refreshing way instead of sturdy set systems that do not allow for the individual to voice their problems. I also like the way Juna showed me where I could improve with other relationships such as my mother and sister’’.
Sami (25)

‘’I just want to say how thankful I am for receiving therapeutic sessions with Juna. I feel my whole life style has improved. I understand myself better, I understand and can forgive others easier, I understand my feelings and I am no longer afraid to own them. My entire outlook has now changed and I am enjoying moving forward. The service Juna provided for me was professional helpful and interesting. I want to extend my sincere thanks’’
Jo (26)

‘’I have been receiving counselling from Juna now for 7 weeks. I find her easy to talk to and have gained a good relationship with her which I have never found with past counsellors. She has encouraged me to like myself again and have courage about my decisions and in myself as a person.
I started my counselling as a very lost soul but now I am almost back to myself again. I have laughed, cried, and experienced so many emotions but Juna helped me through them all. Her support has been so important to me. I feel Juna has helped me through one of the darkest times of my life.’’

Andrea (43)

‘’Juna has helped me at what was a difficult time when I first came to her. She enabled me to explore some deep seated issues and to find ways to come to terms with them. Her manner has been so kind, encouraging and approachable. I have felt able to work through things at my own pace with her guidance and help in reflecting upon both my situation and behaviours.
I felt Juna has enabled me to come to terms with a challenging past. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I will keep focusing on what I have learnt in terms of my behaviour patterns and relationships because of our sessions. Thank you!’’

Meg (41)

‘’I can’t put in words to how grateful I am for the opportunity to have sessions with Juna. Before I started Counselling I was in rather a bad way. The mundane tasks of everyday life were a struggle constantly questioning why? What was the point? And often thinking deeply about not wanting to continue… The Counselling received from Juna was a God send in so many ways. She was empathic, caring and attentive but most of all not pushy. At first, I was worried as I felt things were difficult to go into may have been forced, this was not a case at all. I learn how to deal with the loss I have experienced in a way it doesn’t mean it disappears or has any less importance. I can deal with things better and actually recognise how far I have come. Without Juna, it wouldn’t have been possible. Learning to be able to combine many aspects of my own personality has helped me dramatically. I hope that more people would consider counselling with Juna as it helped me so much.’’
Jordanna (24)

"Counselling for me has helped to change the way that I think about my grandma’s death. By going through the events surrounding her death and the feelings I have now after her death it has to lead me on a path of acceptance. Due to the nature of my grandma’s death, I had a lot of feelings of anger but counselling and having a space to talk about things has helped me to deal with some of those feelings. By talking through some other life events it has helped to make space to grieve my grandma and deal the impact it has had on me which is very helpful. Thank you Juna"

"I found the nature of the sessions very relaxed and I felt free to be able to talk freely about things which were bothering me Juna helped me feel at ease with my problems of many of which I felt to be quite ridiculous. There were weeks where I felt like I didn’t need to go but I pushed myself and always came out feeling quite refreshed. Juna helped me on a whole range of subjects, feeling, anxieties and I can highly recommend her to talk to as she instantly made me feel at ease Thanks a lot,"

"At the first session, I was very apprehensive as to whether I had done the right thing but, you put me at ease, was patient & very understanding as I knew I WAS an emotional wreck & you spotted it straight away. At the end of the first session, I was numb and brain exhausted. This continued threw the next 2 sessions however, you had your insight had already worked this out. Over the remaining sessions, the numbness disappeared together with the feeling of self-guilt over my mum’s passing has not completely gone but is now something I can cope with although still emotional not so tearful. Without your intervention, I would still be an emotional wreck.
You please take care of yourself as you are an exceptional Counsellor and people in need are lucky to have you around."


"Our Counselling sessions, I was very reluctant to start these as my previous counsellor had completely put me off the whole process but you encouraged me to attend the first session and I never looked back. You are easy to talk with and very empathic. You really helped me explore the experience and loss I have been through and made me question myself on things I never knew existed within myself. You made the counselling sessions very comfortable. You used different techniques in different sessions to explore different things. I found this very helpful because I learnt that I speak more openly when I am distracted doing something else. I think that’s something you picked up on as well. Most importantly I want to thank you for being a great support before, during and after the ‘’rewind technique’’. I was very apprehensive at first but very quickly adapted to the idea of going through with it in order to try and move forward from this experience. Although it was very difficult to do I knew you would support me 110% afterwards. We worked at my pace but you were able to pick certain things up and challenge me on them which I particularly liked as it gave me an opportunity to develop.
I just wanted to say massive thank you Juna! I have come a long way since I started my sessions with you and was gutted that it had to come to an end. I really wouldn’t be where I am today without your help and support. God Places people in your life at perfect timing for specific reasons."


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