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Starting Therapy

You feel like you need a change, to talk to a person who will understand and not judge you, a person who you can explore anything which troubles you. But for many of us, it is not an easy step to start counselling. Many questions can cross your mind. Where do I start? How can I trust a person who I have never seen in my life? What if I want to cry and will not be able to stop? What will she think about me? What if it is too painful?

These and other questions I had in my mind when I visited my therapist a while ago. I can reassure you that I have been there too. It’s scary and daunting and well done for trying to make these first steps and coming to counselling over your fears and insecurities. Wait a minute I have got mine. I am not a super person who can give you directions and advice. We will start and continue this route together. We both will share our thoughts opinions, we will look at different things together. I might explain you some psychological moments or offer you suggestions and show you the different sides of the coin. I might stop you and point out at something which you can’t notice. I might ask you questions which will lead you to the thing to a degree level. I might ask you to play with pebbles, crayons, sand and figures, clay and beads since it is a well-known fact that our subconscious mind clicks and turns on when we explore using craft materials. Or in a different case, I might offer you to write your thoughts and we will work cognitively.

I also can offer you different techniques which help a lot of my clients and me personally. I will only offer when I feel you are comfortable with me when you are ready to make another deeper step towards your well being.

As long as we have built a strong therapeutic relationship the healing power will take place and will bring a positive change.

Therapy is about looking at yourself from observer position and valuing what you like about yourself and finding ways to change those parts of your life which you don’t like.

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